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If you are searching for a wholesome interior design experience, this is it. Aura Design Interior Solutions LLC, located on Bank Street, Dubai, provides a wide range of exceptional interior solutions for your property. Covering a gamut of fields such as Hospitality, Health Care, Corporate, Education, Retail and Leisure.

At Aura we dedicate ourselves to delivering services that are innovative, technically precise, cost and value engineered quality driven, unswerving and collaborative. Projects are undertaken for clients worldwide, across various market sectors, which includes both major chains and smaller independent clients.

We have been recommended under DIFC as a good interior design contractor.

We also have a strong team of suppliers and specialist subcontractors that shim our service through professionalism and efficient service. New space fit outs, Design and Project Management, Refurbishment projects, Roll out of new initiatives ,Installation activities, large scale projects etc, are achievable only by bringing together multiple disciplines as one team under Aura.

We take independent planning, monitoring and quality control very seriously. We are a one stop contact for all service requirements.


SWOT - The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses relating to the market analysis summary and describes the opportunities and threats facing Aura Interior Design Solutions LLC.

Why choose Us?


The proven ability to establish excellent personalized client service.

Good referral relationships with architects, complementary vendors, and local realtors.

Strong relationships with suppliers that offer flexibility and respond to special product requirements across the globe.

Client loyalty developed through a solid reputation among repeat, high-purchase clients.

Word of mouth recommendatiions.

Business associates across - UAE , USA, INDIA and AFRICA.

Why choose Us?


A significant portion of our target market is searching for the services Aura Designs will offer.

Strategic alliances offering sources for referrals and joint marketing activities to extend our reach.

Create impressive marketing and advertising plan.

Promising activity from new home construction activity.

New clients in wider geographic area.

Changes in design trends can initiate home updating and, therefore, generate sales.

Why choose Us?


The team is still climbing the " experience learning curve."

Not completely established in a market where a variety of interior design options exist.

Challenges of the seasonality of the business.

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